"It’s important to forgive.""Who do you have the hardest time forgiving?""Myself."

Christina Hendricks, photographed by Ben Watts for Lucky magazine, June/July 2013.
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Think of the other girls or they won’t think of you.
Joan Harris, Mad Men

Lydia Litvyak. One of two Russian pilots who were the world’s only female fighting aces during World War II.

U.S. A woman hiding illegal bottles of beer under her skirt in special underwear pockets during the American Prohibition
Make sure you tell the people you love that you love them. Loudly and often. You never know when it might be too late.
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R U?
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She wanted me to be beautiful so I could find a man. […] But then what? Just sit and smoke and let it go ‘til you’re in a box?
Mad Men

Surrender of Phoolan Devi, 1983

Phoolan Devi (10 August 1963 – 25 July 2001), popularly known as the “Bandit Queen”, was an Indian dacoit (armed bandit), and later a politician.
No one is a slut. “Slut” is a made-up word to keep women from having as much fun as men. A person who enjoys sex is just a person and a person who is a virgin is also just a person and everyone should lay off each other’s sex lives. Retire the word “slut” please.

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virgin is pretty much a made up word as well. 

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Vegetables are seen growing on the roof of a factory in Shaoxing, eastern China’s Zhejiang Province. Ailuo garment factory planted more than 40 varieties of vegetables on its 4,800 sqm workshop roofs. The harvest is enough to produce meals for all 200 workers in the factory canteen.